Posted: January 11, 2013 in atheism, belief, bullying, honesty, intellectual, rosarubicondior, theism

I’m sorry I never got back to you sooner. You’re right in many respects that Atheism is a belief system, after all it defines itself by being in opposition to Theism. That is to say, ironically, Atheism couldn’t exist without the idea that there may be some forms of higher beings, namely God! It’s similar to the idea of death, which would be absurd without the presence of conscious, self-aware life.

Thanks for your feedback, Disabled Buddhist. I wish you all the best. And as Dave Allen used to say: may your god go with you…

Disabled Buddhist's Blog

Note: This was a response generated from a short Twitter conversation with Rosa Rubiconido. Her blog can be found at . A few changes have been made and will probably continue to be made as my thoughts progress.

Hello, I had a conversation with you on Twitter that never finished, I suppose because Twitter is a difficult platform to have a discussion about Twitter.

I formed the opinion that Atheism is a religion and you asked for proof. Well, here is my opinion about atheism as a religion, other opinions about Atheism in general, some info about myself and some advice from me:

– Atheists have a shared set of beliefs (a belief that there are no Gods/Goddesses)

– Atheists typically read popular works about Atheism, mainly western philosophical works about Atheism, some published recently, some much older (comparable to Bible and Buddhist scriptures).

– Atheists try to “convert” people…

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