Anonymous Bullying Cowardly Trolls – Why are they so mean to people with simply different viewpoints?

Posted: March 19, 2013 in arrogance, bullying, dogma, honesty, rosarubicondior, trolling

I just signed this Daily Telegraph (Australian edition, like me) anti-trolling petition.

Trolling is a terrible, irrational and mean-spirited thing and I set up this blog as a counterpoint to expose and parody a particularly pernicious and parochial one-dimensional thinker, with a keen zeal for imposing his/her view on others in a disturbingly shallow, trollesque fashion.

  1. Trolling isn’t bullying or leaving hate messages. An anti-trolling petition? Wow! Your Moralfag level is over 9000!!

    • Thanks for your viewpoint.

      You’re wrong from a legal perspective funnily enough: trolling is going to be a hate crime soon.

      This site just sticks up for the victims by exposing hypersensitive hypocrites via parody.

      God bless America.

      • “trolling is going to be a hate crime” It can’t be a crime lol ! A troll is just someone who mess things up in a forum or on any social network, in attempt for an emotional response from other users. Nothing to do with hate. It’s just funny, but some people take it to seriously and call the police for no reasons and make blogs like yours. 🙂

    • Oh and your response was homophobic too. Great going Cynical!

  2. I will just remark – I was right. Rosa a bully and she has been banned from Twitter. Thank GOD someone sane is listening 😉

  3. P.S. CynicalSputum – fag means gay to me (abusively), and as a practising homosexual your wordchoice disgusts me.

  4. BTW CynicalSpirit, as a n00b, here’s some new news for you, regarding trolling as a hate crime:

    HEADLINE: Oberlin Hate Crimes Were Work of Two Undergrad “Trolls”

    Hate to say I told you so… :):):):)

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