Insane Atheist Troll Bully BANNED from Twitter – OMFG!

Posted: August 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hey what can I say? The headline says it all. LOL. About time too.

That said, I think he/she is still posting vehemently under the @rosaresurrected Twitter handle. Irony is not lost on him/her.

I found a fun article describing not 1, not 2, but FOURTEEN ways to troll the internets.

Rosa gets 3 out of 14!

Top of the list is “Be a militant atheist”! Way to go Rosa!

Next up, for which Rosa qualifies is “Misinterpret a holy text”. Well, durrrh. He/she does this all the times in her bullying.

And then we have “Post slightly incorrect or ambivalent facts”. Ahahahaha. Just read through her Twitter feed or blog and you’ll see some CRAZY misinterpretations about reality. My favourite is her refuting of the the need for faith, regardless of whether religious or not. I mean… Faith defines us as a species, as a key aspect of our consciousness, so without faith we may as well expect to drop down dead right now! But no, somehow, we keep living. For a while! LOL.

Brilliant stuff, and brilliant writing from our dear Rosa.

I think she needs a holiday.

Apparently she’s going to France.

I’m sure they’ll love her in France.


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