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On my ignorant nemesis’ blog-for-cash, there is an excellent comment from user ex_king_john who brilliantly undermines the profound stupidity of the nonsensical theism versus atheist debate (note to readers: even career atheist Richard Dawkins admits he is not an atheist, but an agnostic, in an embarrassing climbdown when debating former CoE Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams).

ex_king_john 25 February 2013 22:26
We are like the TV host interviewing Richard Feynman and asking for a brief explanation in a couple of minutes of QED for the audience to which Feynman replied “If I could do that I wouldn’t have won a Nobel Prize” It’s apocryphal but it sure sounds like Feynman could have said it. And he could give you an understandable explanation but it would take longer than a TV spot has available.

At some point we all have to say “I don’t know”. I can live with that. Some people can’t and either make something up to fill in the gap or being smarter than me they go looking. Personally I’ll always listen to the second guy who says “I don’t know either but look at what I found” than the first guy who says “I know, you can stop looking now and I’ll tell you what to believe”.

Bravo, ex_king_john!

My response (anonymous coward Rosa Rubicondior is likely too afraid and/or ashamed to post it so thought worthy of inclusion here):

ex_king_john is spot on, and amply demonstrates why any so-called rational debate about faith based on empiricism and reason is inherently flawed – we’re using the wrong language here… to paraphrase again, trying describe music is like “dancing about architecture” unless you’re especially “gifted” or “disadvantaged” enough to display the arrogance of an autistic sprectrum disorder such as Asperger’s.

All Rosa Rubicondior (why not use a real name?) does is give self-absorbed atheists a chance to pat themselves on the back for being so clever, whilst simultaneously baiting self-absorbed religiosi (not a typo) to be subjected to her (or his?) unnecessarily bullying.

Oh the other thing [the mysterious Rosa Rubicondior’s] blog does is generate money… just like any good religion lol.

Some questions:

1. Why IS it that Rosa is anonymous?
2. Why IS it that Rosa fails to have a sense of humour (Asperger’s?)
3. Why DOES Rosa love bullying those with a fervent religious faith?
4. Why IS Rosa so intolerant of those with a different innate perspective of the human condition?
5. Why DOESN’T Rosa come out and turn all those great essays (some of them ARE good) into a book? She could MEGA cash in on her atheistic congregation/flock audience.